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Kris & Sien
Kris & Sien
gefiel es sehr gut nach Kolumbien zu reisen

Being back in Germany now already a few days we are still digesting all the impressions of our trip to Colombia. As part of this we also wanted to provide you our feedback. Overall • A very well organized, complete package with individual approach. All contacts very professional with a personal touch. Details Before starting our trip We really liked the support and attention we received from the first moment on. The balance between having a Colombian contact in Germany and a German contact in Colombia is good. We appreciated how quickly Ingrid always reacted on all our questions to prepare for our trip. The alignment with Lisa worked very well. Bogota • Both guide and driver waited for us at the airport and immediately gave us a welcoming feeling. • Hotel *****: Appropriate city hotel, good location, correct. • Tour: well balanced between sightseeing and culture (museums), good first impression of the city • Guide (Michael): we felt comfortable with him and the job he did. In comparison to all the guides we had during this tour he probably was the weakest. • Remark: perhaps it would be good if the guide could advice two or three restaurant recommendations for the evening. Transfer to Villa de Leyva • Hotel *****: Excellent. The warm welcome by the owner was very pleasant. • Tour: Three highlights in one day – apart from the Salt Cathedral and the Bridge at Boyaca we also want to mention the suggestion from the guide to take us to the market place in Zipaquira. • Guide: see under Bogota Barichara • Hotel *****: the most wonderful place and the best hotel staff we ever met! o We asked them if the room 4 (suite) was free during our stay and they moved us into this room with no problem at all. o We will always remember the evening that we prepared and had the dinner together with them! • Transfer Villa de Leyva to Barichara • We appreciated that the driver suggested to visit the Convento de Ecce Homo. • Remark: although we already stayed three nights in Barichara we would not have minded another night there. Transfer to Circasia • The transfer from Barichara to the airport of Bucaramanga turned out to be a little adventure. 😊 o Excellent suggestion to visit the Chicamocha canyon and use the teleferico o Both the driver as well as us should have been clearer in our alignment on the use of the teleferico • Remark: o Perhaps it would be good if the info on the use of the teleferico would be available in writing with the driver o This really was the moment where we experienced the efficiency of ***** travel and Lisa. The way we still could catch the flight in Bucaramanga was impressive! Circasia • Hotel *****: good hotel with good restaurant; the small walking tour they have around the hotel is interesting • Tour: Cocora valley, Salento, Filandia • Guide (Urte): very knowledgeable, we liked her ability to give background information on the different aspects of agricultural and urban developments Transfer to Jardin • Hotel ******: the hotel with the lowest standards during our trip but appropriate for this one-night stay in this town. It somehow captures well the atmosphere of Jardin. • Tour: Finca del Café – turned out to be much more than just info on coffee, we learned a lot about the fauna and flora • Guide (“Tarzan”): Good to have an indigo guide that made the coffee tour into a little jungle-exploration tour – a highlight! • Transfer: the drive to Jardin through the Loro Orejiamarillo is a worthwhile experience! Medellin • Hotel *****: good location and well fit for the stay in Medellin • Tour: good balance, very interesting • Guide: excellent choice! Her engagement not only to the city but also to the people there makes you understand Medellin quite good in a short timeframe. During the visit to Comuna 13 we learned that she is socially engaged there (“Las berracas de la comuna 13”) and noticed that “everybody” there knows her. Palomino • Hotel *****: the hotel is just perfect for a few relaxed days. The kitchen is excellent and the staff is very friendly. o we felt a bit disappointed (first impression) when we arrived there in the late afternoon. We expressed that to the reception. Both their reaction as well as, again, the immediate response from Lisa reassured us soon. Cartagena • Hotel *****: good location, transfers well the atmosphere of Cartagena • Tour: interesting, indeed can be done in half-a-day • Guide (Luise): very well prepared and knowledgeable Conclusion When can we come back?
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1. November 2019
Art der Rundreise

Eine Reise organisiert von einem lokalen Experten

Kris & Sien
Kris & Sien
20. November 2019
Antwort der Reiseagentur
Hallo Kris, vielen Dank für diese tolle und ausführliche Reisebeschreibung. Es freut uns sehr, dass es Euch so gut gefallen hat und alles so gut geklappt hat! Ingrid und Lisa
Antwort von Evaneos
Liebe Kris und Sien, herzlichen Dank für Ihre Bewertung und die detaillierte Reisebeschreibung. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie beide eine gut organsierte Reise genossen haben und mit vielen tollen und unver...Liebe Kris und Sien, herzlichen Dank für Ihre Bewertung und die detaillierte Reisebeschreibung. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie beide eine gut organsierte Reise genossen haben und mit vielen tollen und unvergesslichen Eindrücken im Gepäck nach Hause gereist sind. Wenn Sie in Zukunft wieder eine Reise planen möchten, dann freuen wir uns, wenn wir Sie dabei wieder begleiten dürfen. Beste Grüße, Ihr Team von EvaneosMehr sehen
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