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gefiel es sehr gut nach Kirgistan zu reisen

We had organized our Kyrgyzstan round trip in advance. The local agent Anara was very helpful and made every single idea and wish possible. When we arrived at the airport, the English speaking driver and guide Ilia was awaiting us. He drove us as planned to Ala Archa, Alamedin, Sonkul Lake, Kochkor, Issyk Kul Lake and Barskoon. Ilia was an excellent and safe driver. His English was very good, and he spoke both Russian and Kyrgyz. Ilia was very concerned about our well-being and helped us in every respect. He responded to all of our extra requests and arranged ad hoc e.g. visits at nomads´ yurts, mare´s milk testing, horse riding, stops at different bazaars, necessary medication (that I had forgotten at home) etc. Through him, we got into contact with many other people and could talk to nomads, yurt builders and other locals. The stop-overs at different places had been pre-arranged by Anara. Everything was perfectly organized. In fact, this was one of the easiest round trips I ever made. We would like to recommend especially two yurt camps, one at South Shore Sonkul Lake ('Milan´s Yurt Camp') and one at South Shore Issyk Kul Lake ('Bel Tam Yurt Camp'). Also, F*** in Kochkor was a fabulous place which had not been in our travel book but certainly derserves to be mentioned. We continued after 10 days of driving with a 4-day-mountain walk/ ride and here we had two other guides (the local guide Acilbek and the translator Tschubak). Both were also very kind and responsive. The local guide was very down-to-earth and cheerful. He sang Kyrgyz songs while walking and riding which connected us in a special way to this land. He knew the territory and weather very well. He also could foresee sudden weather changes and took precautions. We felt very secure and cared for. The landscape was so impressive and the Kyrgyz people are incredibly hospitable. We met many wonderful people and had many beautiful experiences. We are grateful for having made these experiences and thank the Kyrgyz people, the agent Anara and the guides Ilia, Acilbek and Tschubak who accompanied us.
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1. August 2018
Art der Rundreise

Eine Reise organisiert von einem lokalen Experten

19. August 2018
Antwort der Reiseagentur
Liebe Sylvia, vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung. Wir sind sehr froh, dass Ihnen alles gefallen hat. Kommen Sie noch mal zum Besuch, Kirgistan wartet auf Sie. Freundliche Grüße, Anara und Team
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